On the terraces of Fore Porta we work the land following the natural cycle of seeding paying attention to seasonality; for this reason the supply of products changes with the turn over of seasons.
In order to guarantee flavor and authenticity, we mostly propose in the agriturismo and in the sales point, products grown on our land in limited quantity.

Our main product, is out of doubt, the “Sfusato Amalfitano IGP” the typical lemon of Amalfi distinguished for its gold colored peel and extremely rich of essential oils.

The Sfusato IGP has revealed to be a treasure for the Coast of Amalfi. The first lemon trees were planted on the Coast in the XI century and the harvest was immediately generous and precious because this fruit permitted the sailors of Amalfi, which had a large fleet, to have on the ships an important weapon against scurvy, disease caused by deficiency of vitamin C . From the XIV century
a thriving maritime commercial activity started with several Italian and Mediterranean Cities .

Besides lemons and other typical citrus fruits, the gardens of Fore Porta are rich of fruit and vegetables which are the main ingredients of the dishes which can be tasted. Using only seasonal food , we offer different menus based on the season ; we also use wild and cultivated herbs to flavor our typical Mediterranean recipes or to prepare exquisite herbal teas; you can find fruits of the past,
no longer produced and therefore not well known .
With the fruits freshly picked in our gardens we make marmalades and home made liquors which have a unique essence and taste.
Since a few years ago we also do beekeeping. The bees of our hives find in the lemon trees, fruit trees of our garden and in the surrounding woods, the nectar which they use to produce a very particular honey with the flavor and scent of the Amalfi Coast. You can easily realize the pureness of the Valley and following the farm organic procedure , with no doubt our honey can be considered natural .