The Valle delle Ferriere

An outstanding Natural treasure in the heart of Amalfi .

Just a few minutes walk from the famous Cathedral and from the center of Amalfi, is the path which leads to the dramatic Valle delle Ferriere , a deep and green embayment surrounded by  mountains.

Thanks to the geographic position, the area of the valley has developed an environment with specific physical and biological features . It is protected from the cold northern winds and lays out mainly towards south ; this position creates a favorable condition for a special environment with the presence of humidity and low temperature range. In this particular habitat have survived some colonies of plants of great interest which date back to the Cenozoic period among which Woodwardia Radicans , a giant fern discovered by the botanist Pier Antonio Micheli in 1710 . It is a rare testimony for Italy of the preglacial plant kingdom which survives in few other areas where it has found the needed humidity conditions.

Among the other species of botanical interest are also Pteris Cretica , Pteris Vittata and the carnivorous plant Pinguicola hirtiflora .

In the same habitat of Valle delle Ferriere can be found the patched Salamander of the  Salamandridae family. The entire ecosystem of the valley represents something unique; it has an inestimable scientific and naturalistic value and for this since 1972 is a protected area.