Where we are

Agricola Fore Porta is situated just a few minutes from the town center of Amalfi; the farm can be reached only on foot and is just at the beginning of Valle delle Ferriere in an area which preserves the rural features of the ancient Amalfi.
Although the distance is less than 1 km from the closest road, we live surrounded by wild nature and in complete peace; futhermore the name of the path which leads to our farm, is “Via Paradiso” .
For those who enjoy trekking or simply wish to enjoy the view and the peace of the enchanting nature, come to visit us .
If you walk from Amalfi you will find Fore Porta as the last lived-in house which of course will be the first for those who are walking towards Amalfi. Our outlet (point of sale) is just 150 meters upstream the house therefore like a haven for visitors. Either your start from Amalfi, Pontone, Agerola or Pogerola you need to walk by the farm.


Since the Middleage all the area north of the Church of the Holy Spirit (now a days only one of the walls can be seen as the church was demolished to build the road) was named Fore Porta ( outside the city doors ) and was the area allocated to crafts activities.
In the middle of the Valley and next to the “Canneto” stream was the iron extraction factory which gives the name to the natural area. The ferrous mineral was shipped from the isle of Elba or from Calabria and then carried by mules to the factory where with fire and a water the iron was extracted; at the end of the process the iron was taken back down to “Piazza dei Ferrari” today called “Piazza dei Dogi” where the blacksmiths forged the metal .
South of the iron factory, of which we find trace in ancient documents dated year 1146, the art of paper craft was introduced in the 13th century and many paper mills were built. The production of paper became so successful that during the 17th century Amalfi could count 17 paper mills scattered along the stream. Today only one mill survives whilst all the others have either been transformed or are reduced to ruins which make the valley and the path more scenic.
At the bottom of the valley, always using the power of water, pasta factories where built and this is the reason why the lower part of the valley which is closer to the center is known as “Valle dei Mulini”.


How to reach us

Please consider that the access to the Amalfi town center has traffic restrictions.

The distance from Piazza Duomo to Fore Porta is 1km & 700 meters: the initial 900 meters, as far as the Paper Museum, are accessible to vehicles then you may proceed on foot following the indications to Valle delle Ferriere; starting from Via Grade Lunghe, approximately 300 steps follow one another . Amalfi can also be reached walking the ancient paths, which once used to connect Amalfi to Agerola and Pogerola on one side of the Valley and Ravello, Scala, Pontone on the other.

To obtain information on how to reach the Paper Museum on wheels or about the paths, please contact us by phone or by e-mail.